1. Anonym augusti 28, 2015 at 6:16 e m

    Hej Paulina! Ha en bra helg. Kram <3

  2. Cira oktober 26, 2015 at 7:36 e m

    Paulina, your being used in so many ways. If any of this bothers you when your sober, and you have to light up or drink just to ctnoinue the Party Girl Image then your not having the right fun, and your circle of friend that post photos of you and their leaked out in the public, where many of people see, like you parents, your next employer, you ex friend who no longer wants to be associated with you anymore. The dmage has been done, but the good thing is you can stop living this way, let the waters calm down. And think about your siblings who have to go through, thier days with..people, friends and lost friendships, teachers, employers that will see these photos, and they will sadly have not respect for them, because sadly people JUDGE and Judge by association. You clearly. lost respect for yourself, long ago and thats called losing Our Way. but anyone Anyone can be found and live a life of great days, of laughter, love, and yes pain, But when your doing it to yourself .along with life being diluted with poor judgement, weed, drugs, and alcohal .you will see only your embarrassment when you sober up first thing in the morning will be your reminder of poor choices. Please for your own safety sober up, and represent yourself, your siblings, even your parents in a Positive image, Gossip and lies are hard enough to over come daily, but when its the truth..thats really gotta hurt. Praying for you Little sister.


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